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Dafang Zhang's Chinese Xie Yi painting - Chinese wisteria

Chinese wisteria is a much beloved plant for the Chinese artists specialized on Xie Yi painting. Chinese wisteria has been known to live up 100 years and even older. The oldest wisteria tree is 1300 years old in Murata, Japan (Singer, 2004). Chinese artists paint wisteria because it brings blessings of longevity.


Fabrics: Silk chiffon, silk charmeuse, 8mm silk organza, black sequence, black round plastic beads, white round plastic beads, black wool fiber, black tulle, white tulle. 1/2" black satin ribbon. 


Techniques: Nuno felting, bead embroidery, hand beading, silk painting, dip dye .


The goal of this collection is using nuno felting technique to replace the darts on the garment to achieve "zero waste"

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