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Lotus is the most important cultivated flower in China. It is grown not only for its beauty but also its usefulness. Every part of lotus has special use in people's daily life. In Chinese culture, the lotus is a symbol of purity, elegance, integrity, perfection, and grace. There were many poems praise the purity of lotus as the flower is growing out of the mud into a blossoming with spotless beauty. The lotus has been a divine symbol in Buddhism. Buddhist developed the "lotus posture" for a state of body peace. The lotus is also one of the Eight Immortals of Taoism. It is the emblem of Ho Hsien-li, one of the eight Taoist adepts, who holds a lotus-fruit cup. In Chinese painting, lotus is the most important flower because it can well demonstrates the power and versatility of the tones of black ink. 


Fabrics: Silk organza (14mm/g), Silk organza (8mm/g),  round black plastic beads, round clear plastic beads.


Techniques: Nuno felting, hand beading, silk painting.

Dafang Zhang's Chinese Xie Yi painting - Lotus

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